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Is there a medication or treatment available ?

1303618049 34 Is there a medication or treatment available ?

I have had a problem with boils or sores on my rearend. is this caused by wearing jeans or the detergent i use.its painful and I would love to get rid of this condition.I am overseas and going to a doctor in this part of the world is useless. can anyone recommend a medicine?

If you can find it, tincture of arnica in a solution of 1Tspn in a quart of water will help heal those sores. it most certainly can be caused by various detergents, most often is caused by Staph Aureus getting under the skin, thru abrasion or scratching etc. once you have cleared up the sores…try a daily application of Vitamin E oil to maintain integrity of the skin, and of course maintain good personal hygiene.

Epsom salt bath, dyefree, fragrance free soaps, laundry soaps. Good luck!

Follow the advice in the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine (Murray & Pizzorno) on building immunity and treating boils.

Is there a medication or treatment available ?

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