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Is the use of laxatives to "clean out your system" supported by any scientific evidence?

1306012109 57 Is the use of laxatives to "clean out your system" supported by any scientific evidence?

I have tinea versicolor, which is basically a noncontagious fungal rash that appears on the skin. my mom keeps blaming it on all the "toxins" in my body and says I need to "take a cleaning out". she advises me to use Milk of Magnesium to encourage bowel movements every once in a while.

When I tell her that I don't believe what I'm eating has anything to do with my condition seeing as it is external, and fungal, she gets annoyed at me. I've been trying to get her to take me to a dermatologist, but she refuses and keeps saying that all they'll do is give me something to rub on my skin (which, in my point of view, is EXACTLY what I need, pharmaceutical strength anti-fungal lotion which I cannot get OTC).

She's also blamed the boils I get on my skin on the "toxins" in my body from "build-up" of the food I eat. I know for a fact that boils are caused by toxins, but I'm pretty sure its from VIRAL or BACTERIAL infections which call for antibiotics to cure, not flushing my intestines.

Who here is right?

By the way, she found some doctor that is backing her up, but the doctor sounds like a quack to me. she says the cause of my skin condition is from me eating too much meat (which I actually eat very little of) and that I need to, again, "take a cleaning out" to fix. the only thing she said that made sense to me was for me to use a special plant oil on my skin (which I know has antifungal properties). thoughts?

Ask her to take you to a dermatologist to humor you and see what they say. If they dont think its a skin surface problem, Then your mom can have her way. but if they DO think its' a skin problem (which is certainly seems to be) them, you get to have YOUR way.

your mom is an idiot who needs to open her eyes and take her child to see the correct doctor

My mom had the same misconception 65 years ago. I think she wanted me to go to med school just so she could brag that her son was a doctor. otherwise she ignored modern medicine.

The concept of intestinal cleansing to remove toxins persists. plus, there are hucksters on TV that cleverly promote intestinal clean-outs. They depict the colon as if it were a PVC pipe clogged with debris.

You might ask your non-quack doctor about Selsun Blue applications periodically for the T. versicolor. Boils are caused by bacteria, usually Staphylococci, not toxins.

Wow, so she believes in a lot of alternative medicine and is forcing her beliefs onto you. Demand to her that she take you to a mainstream Dr. tell her that you demand medical attention now with a regular mainstream Dr., and if she doesn't provide you with one you will let the authorities know. This is neglect and abuse,since you are under 18.

Is the use of laxatives to "clean out your system" supported by any scientific evidence?

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