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Is it normal for MRSA boils to just disappear?

1305147958 63 Is it normal for MRSA boils to just disappear?

After having an abscess lanced and drained in October that turned out to be MRSA, and two rounds of antibiotics due to recurring boils, now, I have noticed that when I get them, then come up around the same area they are large and very painful, then they flatten out over a week or a few days and disappear. It's like my body absorbs them. is this normal? I thought they were supposed to rupture and drain on their own.

I've had several bouts with MRSA. This should be reported to your doctor. my experience is that unless they're caught early, MRSA infections are unstoppable. they don't go away on their own. if caught when they first appear, I've found that they can be lanced and drained, and will clear up with steady applications of heat, but any large lump would send me straight to the nearest emergency room.

Is it normal for MRSA boils to just disappear?

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