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I think I have a Staph infection.?

 I think I have a Staph infection.?

Well, I have had boils on my thighs for about 6 to 8 months now, and i though nothing of it, because i just recently heard of staph infection. now I am freaking out really bad. I rarely get sick and I have never had any bad sicknesses. I looked at pictures of staph boils and they dont really look like the type of boils i have. but i want to be sure. what should i do?

Boils for 6-8 months. Go to the doctor and get those checked out.

Anything lasting this long should definitely be looked at. They'll probably take a sample of the fluid inside to see if you have staph.

I believe that you have a condition called Hidradenitis Supprativa. it is a condition of re-occurring boils/ cysts/abscesses , that are often misdiagnosed as ingrown hairs, herpes, being unclean and folliculitis. This is a newly diagnosed skin condition , but there is a lot of info out there.
Here is a link :…
If this sounds like it might be you, READ it, PRINT it out, and TAKE it to your DOC.
Its better to try to start treatment soon, it can spread over the body if left untreated. these boils can become quite large and painful. sometimes even lasting for weeks or months and can spread all over the body. Most common areas are armpits, groin, binkni line, inner legs, and intimate places and basically anywhere that sweats and rub against clothing. Stress is a big inducer.

There is some support groups at MSN , and yahoo, and I am open for questions!
I have had this for 8 years, I was misdiagnosed for a LONG time, it was very embarrassing, painful and scary. I am just trying to help out so you don’t have to wait as long as I did.

I think I have a Staph infection.?

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