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I think i have a boil! I need advice!?

1307754348 74 I think i have a boil! I need advice!?

I have PCOS and Acne is a big Symptom and a few years ago i had a hard bump on my chest between my breast (not touching them) So my mom bought me Boil Ease, witch is a Antiseptic Drawing Salve. and it popped on it's own in a few days. well recently i got another bump in the same spot and it was small like i couldn't feel it So one night about a week ago it started to hurt so i put some regular drawing salve on it and the next day it was quadrupled in size. but it didn't hurt. so i kept using the salve until like 3 nights ago it started t to hurt really bad so i started putting boil ease on it and talking a shower and running hot water over it. but nothing seems to help. and when i move my arms and the skin pulls it hurts allot! and i work in a kitchen i'm reaching for things and the pain kills. i don't have health insurance so i was wondering if any one has a way to help!

you have to get it checked out, a regular check up at the doctors is around $40 its better than it actually being something in the end and you dying.

I'm not sure what to tell you since you don't have health insurance. I've had boils before, and it seems to me you are doing everything you can. the only thing you can do is use the boil ease or hot water to help draw it out. if you went to the doctor they would give you antibiotics and/or lance it (cut it open so it will drain). from my experience it seems like a good dose of antibiotics may do the trick of making sure you don't get anymore. I know that is not the answer you want to hear… but keep doing what you are doing. if it doesn't get better you may NEED to go to the doc. if it comes to that I suggest trying to find a free clinic in your area or possibly the health dept. I don't know how health dept. policies vary from state to state but in VA if you don't have health insurance all you do is bring in a paystub and the services are free or reduced based on your income. good luck! I really hope you get better bc a boil is basically a staff infection which can sometimes spread to the blood stream and turn deadly. not to mention the MRSA that's been going around.

Go get it checked out it could be MRSA which is a bad staff infection that you need a certain antibiotic for…even without insurance I would get it checked out.

I think i have a boil! I need advice!?

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