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I keep stalking my exes Myspace – How can I stop?

1304443011 97 I keep stalking my exes Myspace   How can I stop?

I keep reading her blogs, seeing her pics and its all about new men in her life…I am addicted and I boil up in rage. I know I should not put myself through this. Is there a way I can block Myspace of my home computer so I dont look at it in my spare time?

It's tough to let go. You've just got to be strong. The longer you don't look at it the easier it will get

its will power and you have to do it.

The best way is to find a girlfriend and fall in love!!!
U can try a professional help to treat yr addiction.
Also u can publish on the web your pics with your new woman so that she is boiling.

you got to find the strength to stop…imagine if she finds out what your doing…ask her to block your ID from her my-space, if your boiling with rage then you need to work on that, she is an ex now so leave it at that, she can do what she likes now and there's nothing you can do about it…control yourself and stop obsessing…it's not normal….

keep away from the computer find activitys that will take up so much time u dont have time to look at myspace

either get over her, or delete your myspace account

stop being so envyous, you should be taking a more positive view and get on with your life, she is trying to start anew and you should take a leaf out of her book.

go out more often and meet new people, make new friends and enjoy life as it is. Try not to go on the pc too often and find yourself a good hobbie that will keep you busy

I keep stalking my exes Myspace – How can I stop?

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