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I have boils under my arms. How do I make them stop?

1307279044 95 I have boils under my arms.  How do I make them stop?

I have been getting boils under my arms since i was a teenager. we have tried everything from changing deodorant to not shaving to cleaning my underarms with alcohol everyday. Nothing seems to work. my doctor said to use a new razor everytime I shave and I do that now but I am still getting boils. does anyone know what to do? They are painful and an eyesore. I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), is this possibly related?

Your boils can be caused either by an infection (staphylococcus) or by a bacteria. tiny cuts of the skin may start the contamination. The usual treatment is to heat the boils with warm compresses until they are brought to a head. after squeezing it you have to wash with antibacterial soap and bandage the area. you can apply magnesium sulfate paste on the infected area, to prevent the growth of bacteria and reduce boils by absorbing pus and drying up the lesion. for recurring cases a supplement of vitamin A and E could help. PCOS is not related to the boils.

Definitley go and see your Dr

I have gotten boils before and my dermatologist recommended the soap, Hibiclens. It's used to stop the growth of bacteria which could be causing the boils. Also they can come from an ingrown hair as well so shaving every day might be irritating to the area (not sure if you do that or not).

When you do get them, use a hot compress to bring them to a head faster, therefore alleviating the pain. good Luck to you!

I have boils under my arms. How do I make them stop?

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