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I have a red bump on my head, what could it be?

1303695318 69 I have a red bump on my head, what could it be?

here is a picture of it
you cant see the bump, but you can see the redness. the bump's about the size of a quarter. and it kind of hurts when i touch it.
the only time i bumped my head was two days ago when i was eating dinner, and i bumped my head on the chair, but i dont think thats where i bumped it, and the bump didnt appear till yesterday, but it might have been there before and i just didnt see it. but what could it possibly be ? some of my friends said it could be a cyst or a boil. but maybe its just a regular bump?

I very much doubt it's a cyst or a boil, most likely it's swollen up as a reaction to something like a bug bite or more likely still its a spot, just try to ignore it, if it hasn't gone in a week or it gets worse go to the doctor.

If a boil is kinda the same as a pimple (I'm not english, srry), then I think your friends are right. I don't think it would be anything to worry yourself over. It should fade in time.

Hope this helps!

ohh hun..obviously its a pimple sweetheart :0

Try this site works for me all the time.

I have a red bump on my head, what could it be?

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