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I have a question bout boil, bacteria infection.?

1304744842 36 I have a question bout boil, bacteria infection.?

so ummm i have a "boil" under my armpit. this is like my 4th one but my third one umder the same armpit. its keeps on coming back and why is that.
i mean everytime i get it i go to the hospital and they cut it and everything and its goes away and then in a month another one will appear again.
i asked this one doctor and i dont think she really explained it well to me or maybe im just dumb but i dont get it. she said its just a bacteria thing that runs in your body and if its wants to come back then it will.
could it be that im allergic to the food i eat? razor?
im so sick and tired of this. its hurts so much.
i have one like right now but im so scareed to go to the doctors.
thats like my worst fear [needles] cause i know what there gonna do.
and its making me really sick. why???!

Okay…a boil is caused by STAPH infection. we all have Staph on our don't freak out you are not weird. it might help if you did stop shaving because one of two things is happening…you are nicking your skin and it is allowing infection in or you are getting ingrown hairs. I know how you feel…I shave DOWN THERE and I am always getting boils on my inner thighs and they are very painful and annoying and embarrassing if anybody sees them LOL. I usually wait and let mine go away but it is a situation I have dealt with since I was 17 years I am pretty used to it. If it gets fever and you start feeling sickly I would go to the Dr but wait a little bit they usually go away.

I have a question bout boil, bacteria infection.?

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