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I found a weird rash on my skin?

 I found a weird rash on my skin?

I was about to take a shower monday night, when I noticed a patch of red irritated skin on my back. I looked a bit closer and saw bumps and such. . . Just a small area though. any kind of pressure or touch, like my shirt, is painful. It is a stinging kind of pain, almost itchy. but not. I did nothing except monitor for the next two days. Tonight, wednesday, I looked again and it now has boil/blister like bubbles on my skin. about on every pore in the small area. It hurts even more now. I tried putting some powders and cream, but nothing has helped. Does anyone know what this may be? I don't have any skin diseases or problems, except urticaria (and this is definitely not that).

Here's a picture of my skin:

Sorry, it's not a very high quality photo, lol.

you may have ring worm it is a fungus rash and you need antifungal medications

Ringworm (also called serpigo) is an infection of the skin, characterized by a reddish to brownish raised or bumpy patch of skin that may be lighter in the center, giving the appearance of a “ring.” It can exist anywhere on the body. Depending on its location, it is also known as tinea pedis or "athlete's foot" when on the feet, tinea cruris or "jock itch" when on the groin area, tinea corporis when on the body, where it is most commonly referred to as ringworm, or tinea capitis when on the scalp.[1] Contrary to its name, ringworm is not caused by a worm but by parasitic fungi (Dermatophytosis).

Fungi are organisms that survive by eating plant or animal material, those that cause parasitic infection (dermatophytes) feed on keratin, the material found in the outer layer of skin, hair, and nails. these fungi thrive best on skin that is moist, hot, and hidden from the light. together with the other dermatophytosis, up to twenty percent of the population has one of these infections at any given moment.[citation needed]

herpies, think about all the people you had sex with in the last month, narrow it down to the last 100. then choose one from them.

Looks like a chicken pox rash or herpies (they look the same). It is definitely not ringworm. and Shingles is what a person gets later in life from chicken pox earlier in life so it could be shingles as well. if it were poison ivy then it would itch a lot when clothing or other things rubbed it.

The tiny blisters and redness surrounding it make me think poison ivy. It's hard to tell from the picture, but that's the first thing that came to mind when I read your post and also when I saw the pic. Could it be poison ivy or poison sumac? You can get it on your hands/ clothes/ whatever and then transfer the oil to your skin.
Do you have insurance? if so, head to the doctor if it doesn't go away or if you get it again. no matter what, if it gets worse, or if it starts to get yucky, like with whitish pus or a bad smell, go in right away.
It looks so localized, that I wouldn't think it's something like a reaction to a detergent or something like that.
No matter what it is, inflammation like that usually responds well to cold. I would take a bag of peas from the freezer or an ice pack and try that.

I think your problem is called contact dermatitis. It could be caused by many different things. maybe if you're using scented soap, perfume, or lotion that you could be allergic to. maybe try buying a non-fragrant soap and try washing your rash then put non scented lotion over it. if this answer didn't really help maybe just try typing contact dermatitis in at or something. Also, if your rash doesn't heal with just washing it and putting lotion on it, you should consider calling up your dermatologist.

It could be excema. I have it and it comes in red patches too! if you scratch it you can get water filled bumps/ blisters .

I found a weird rash on my skin?

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