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I come up in boils!?

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When I'm run down, my body comes up in boils! It's really bad, but the doctors don't know what cause it. They get really swollen and painful, and in the end, no matter how often I clean them, they get really infected. I've had more than twenty of these in the last five years. I just had one on the front of my neck, and it's sure to scar. does anyone else get these, and if so, does anything work to treat them? It's like I'm living on Flucloxacillin!

My fiance's son gets boils all the time & as much as his dad has told him why & what to do, he turns a deaf ear to him. (he's a "Know It All) Boils are caused by: infected hair follicles, poor diet, poor hygiene, including poor oral hygiene. you need to see a dermatologist & get on some medication right away. The poison (infection) in your body will go away, when you address the issues at hand.

Gosh! I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles! I did a little research and it appears that boils can be brought out by stress. I was looking for some sort of chronic skin infection and found that psoraisis can be related to boil break outs as well.

I have provided a couple of web pages for you to look at. maybe you could see a dermatologist and learn yoga for stress management.

Have your doctor send out a sample of the goo inside to check for staph, and ask for a sensitivity report (the recommendation of treatment made by the examining pathologist).. Ask if he can change you to a different antibiotic based on the pathology report.
In the meantime, clean the open boils twice a day with either Hibiclens or Betadine, then treat with a triple antibiotic salve or cream, like Neosporin. Don't cover the site; it'll need air to heal.
My doc suggested eliminating corn from my diet, and it did help

my son has been using pine tar soap for a over two months now. it has really helped clear it up. he had it really bad. huge sores on his face, back and some on his arms and chest. you can get it thru your pharmacy. it costs about $4 a bar and a bar can last 3-4 wks. his skin is 100 percent clearer now

its proberly due to stress…. take time out and relax:)

Sorry to hear about this, I hope its not too bad. I don't get them and I don't know anyone does, sorry.

My mom used to get those all the time…they told her it was from having diabetes…then it is contagious from there. so if anyone you know has them…then you could have gotten it from them…and be careful people can get it from you. I think she used this thing called boil ease. It's just a cream you can rub on them…keep a band aid on them becuase the puss with run and spread the germs and more develop. other than that. The doctors said there was nothing else she could do but wait it out. Drain them as much as possible. taking a warm bath helps the pain when draining. Good Luck!

I've found they are food related…If I over indulge in sugery foods I'll get them but cut back and they go away…try changing your diet and watch out for high acid contents…like tomatos etc.

I come up in boils!?

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