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How would I know a spider bit from a Boil?

1303213510 34 How would I know a spider bit from a Boil?

I have what started out looking like a boil,and now I've been told it looks more like a spider bit. it's large,very tinder,very painfull and now after 10 days the skin is deteriorating.draining very well though simple smile How would I know a spider bit from a Boil? pain is not as bad anymore,and I can walk again simple smile How would I know a spider bit from a Boil? ( have photo)

sorry, I really wanted to drink your fluids 😛

I would think the bite would be itchy?

Spider bites go away w/ in a few days, boils last longer unless you pop them in which case a LOT of blood should appear and even MORE pain.

will you please post a pic so I can see it, it will make it much easier to give an opinion.

Spider bites hurt like hell and make big craters in your skin.

My niece got bit by a spider and there were red lines spreading out from bite spot. We took her to emergency room and they told her to make a paste out of corn starch and apply to bite. Sure enough it drew out all the poisons and it burst.

Hope this helps. good luck

Spider Bites like most bug bites itch. that would be different than a boil. Boils tend to be bigger and redder. I think you have a boil since most bug bites go away in a couple days, and boils may fester for a couple weeks. My brother had some sometimes maybe because he ate too many potato chips or cookies. both kinds of calamaties may be helped by that pink stuff that's soothing to itches — Caladryl lotion. (I had to sing that song in my head to get the word– "Poison Ivy.. You're gonna need a potion, a calamine lotion, you'll be scratchin' like a hound — the minute you start to mess around Poison Ivy…etc. Hope that helps!

It sounds like a boil to me. My Mama always says to get a wet warm towel with Epsom salt on it to help draw it out. also you can buy some boil ease from your local drug store, it is an ointment. it works fast.

How would I know a spider bit from a Boil?

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