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How to treat boils?

 How to treat boils?

How boils are treated? is it true that taking antibiotics are not advisable?

It depends. Home remedy is to use hot compresses on the boil as many times a day as you can (no less than 3x's a day), that will not only help with the pain, but helps to bring it to a "head". DO NOT squeeze it, DO NOT poke or pull at it, DO NOT try to lance it or drain it. once there is a head on it they usually start draining themselves, if this happens put neosporin and gauze or cotton pad on it, don't let it drain on other parts of your skin. Wash gently with antibacterial soap & pat dry before neosporin & gauze. If it doesn't do this within a few days call your doctor, they may have to put you on antibiotics & lance it there. They make have to take a culture of whats inside to determine what antibiotic to use.

Some boils necessitate a visit to the doctor. Dependent upon severity, the boil may be lanced and drained and treated with appropriate medicines to avoid infection. Home treatment includes the use of poultices and draining the boil, yourself, with a sterile needle. KEEP HANDS CLEAN AND AVOID TOUCHING OTHER AREAS DURING SELF TREATMENT. YOU WILL SPREAD THE INFECTION! The best tried and true home remedy is a raw potato slice. place it directly on the boil, cover with gauze and tape into place. you will feel a slight tingle as the natural ingredients draw the poison of the boil to the surface. it may even drain on it's own, after potato treatment. Change bandage regularly. As for not taking anitibiotics, my personal opinion is "only when prescribed for specific reasons, by a professional." Good luck.

* Gentle heat, provided by a warm soapy wash cloth held over the area for 30 minutes three to four times a day, speeds up the healing process.
* An antibiotic taken by mouth may also be used to eliminate the bacteria. Sometimes minor surgery is needed to open the boil and to drain the pus.
* Putting medication on the boil will not cure it because the medicine does not penetrate into the infected skin, however a thin coat of antibiotic ointment (Polysporin) and a Band-Aid over the boil will keep the germs from spreading.
* If your boil does not improve after treatment, please return to the office. Sometimes the bacteria are resistant to the first antibiotic.

If you want to get away without going to the doc heres the answer.

Drink lots of water and make sure you've got salt in your regular diet.

Lance the boil:
-Sterilize a needle and stick it right in there and push to remove the head (pressure).
-Wipe away the puss with cotton wool and apply an antibiotic cream and cover.

The reason for lancing the boil is that it will heal quicker.

just put a flanel or cotton pad with REALLY hot water on it and hold it on the boil
this will bring it to a head, and thus finish quicker.
Do not mess, do not pop, do not squeeze.

taking antibiotics will help you
as long as u take them EXACTLY as needed.
Otherwise ur body will become immune to them and they wont be able to help.

chek on Web MD

How to treat boils?

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