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How to home treat a boil with natural ingredient?

1302551122 86 How to home treat a boil with natural ingredient?

Been to the Doctor and did what he said to do and took all my medicine but it seem not to be healing?

Have you tried a hot compress followed by tea tree oil? I'm not a doc but its just a suggestion

might be staph infection
you can try peroxide ,antibiotic cream and cover it
no picking or peeling it
soak it 2 times a day in warm salt water
if not better soon see your doctor again

Sometimes these boils are due to a very serious Staph.Auries infection. if it got some better while taking antibiotic, then came back after you quit, it might require a different Rx from the doctor.

Lance that puppy with a bobbi pin & squirt it on the mirror!!

The pop bottle thing sounds painful! I've tried the potato but it takes a couple days

It sounds as if it could be community acquired MRSA. Be careful and don't wait too long if it will not get better with what you are doing. I would be concerned about it going into a blood/body infection. We see people in the hosp. that need IV antibiotics to clear the infection. you have to get the pus out of the boil and if it has a capsule surrounding the pus you will need to clean all that out too. Good luck! Scary stuff.

I have heard people who cut a potato as weird as it sounds and leave it on the area for awhile, black salve and if something really needs to be drawn out toothpaste.

Go to the drugstore and buy "Drawing Salve". Apply per instructions and cover with guaze.

It works very well and quickly.

You can do the same thing with shredded raw potato. just doesn't work quite as fast.

My daughter had those. I put on Germ-X before I was going to lance them. Weirdly enough, the Germ-X made the pus come out of the boil. So I just covered them and kept on applying germ-X. They dried up.

Take a piece of bread and soak it in milk and then apply it to the boil with a piece of cloth over it. let it stay on for a few hours if possible and it will draw it out. Also the old method my Gramma used and worked but can sometimes be a little painful… is to heat up a pan of boiling water and put a pop bottle in it letting it fill with the steam and quickly putting the opening of the bottle top on the boil to create a suction wich will also draw it out.

How to home treat a boil with natural ingredient?

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