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How to get rid of pimples or boils on my face?

 How to get rid of pimples or boils on my face?

I am a sixteen year old boy.I get pimples or boils on my face at the rate of a new one every day.Pains a lot.

use proactivity havent u seen the comercial?!

wash your face 2 times a day with proactiv

Washing your pillow cases often can help break outs.

get proactiv it works really well but u hafta do it in the morning and then in the evening but it works great

why don you go 4 some ayurvedic treatment….??it really helps…..otherwise use medimix soap……!

there is a lotion called ESKINOL( classic) it will clean ur face. after 2 weeks u will be a different person.

are you sure it's a boil? May be cystic acne which if it is cystic you need to see a dermatologist for meds and a shot into the cyst to get rid of it. Acne just plain acne you can do a simple regimen that you can find at or get oral meds & topicals for it from the derm

wash wash wash with soap and water constantly i used to wash and leave the soap on my face and let it dry and then rinse it off the more u wash the more you dry out your face you can also try an astringant….

Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to wipe your face twice a day. (Morning and evening) this helped me when I was that age. But you are still going to get some, it's just part of growing up… just use good personal hygiene!!

the fact is all or most teenagers have your problem. a visit to your doctor is recommended.

Just try to clean your face at least three times a day do not overdue the cleaning or it will irritate your face. try using a good name brand cleaner. That might work.

proactive works great join the club and get great discounts!! it works great for me

tough age. my best results was washing my face twice daily with physoderm and using an acme cream. they have much better meds. today. ask your parents to consult your doc.

GO TO a DERMATOLOGIST! He/She will tell you and give you everything you need, go now before the acne gets even worse, or starts to scar your face.
I did, and in a matter of a few months my skin went from acne to almost completely clear.

well since proactive is pretty expensive, i use egg. what you do is you get a egg, but dnt mix the yok, the yellow thing, with the clear stuff, and when you get the clear stuff seperated get a fork and put that clear gooy stuff all over your face. keep it on your face, and after a few minutes, its suppose to make your face feel all tight. what this does is dries the pimples.

retin-a micro and duac gel.

How to get rid of pimples or boils on my face?

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