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How to get rid of boils under you're armpits?

 How to get rid of boils under you're armpits?

my wife get's boils under her armpits and she's tried differen't
medicine on the area that is infected but no-one can really
tell her what is causing this problem. if you have any ideas to
what to do or how to get rid of them please get back with me.
thanks denny

Boils? or zitts?

Try soaking in ebsome salt baths. If its hair related go for laser hair removal.
It's got to hurt

try putting raw egg whites on them. it dries them out.

I've seen this problem before. She needs to wash her bras with detergent and clorox( amounts are listed on the bottle.) Sweat gathers in the material in the bras and shirts and gathers the growth of bacteria ( usually staph, but, not MRSA)
and then she develops boil type symptoms. You shouldn't add clorox to colored clothing, but, no matter what the color of the bra, wash it in clorox ( at least one cup of clorox to a washer full of clothes). this also works on mens' underwear if the man is prone to little bumps on the rump. It sounds simple, and it is, but, it works. Also, she should use Dial soap to wash with until she's better.

How to get rid of boils under you're armpits?

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