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How to get rid of a cyst/boil-like pimple on my cheek?

1307351038 25 How to get rid of a cyst/boil like pimple on my cheek?

I have this cyst/boil-like pimple on my cheek,it is pretty painful when touched and red,Ihave to take pictures in 2 days and was wondering what can I do to at least makeit smaller, and take the redness away?

You have to drain it. Burn a needle until its sterilized and poke a tiny hole into the boil to let the pus out. it won't heal unless it's emptied. Don't cover it with anything or put any product on because it has to heal. should be a few days. always wash your face everyday to prevent them from reccuring.

I have a skin disorder that causes those-if you have problems with cyst-like acne-check up on hydradenitus supperativa or acne inverse- two common but under-reported disorders. that said you have an infected cyst- if you apply hot wet pressure to it a couple times a day and it will either go down or come to a head-where the infected pus can drain.the draining will clear up the infection,,but if this area is drained after several inflammations it will create a tunnel which will look like a hole.Hot compresses and washing with an antibiotics soap should help.the redness wont go away until there no infection.If you put anything on it-make sure its thin like witch hazel or alcohol- no creams-they will clog it more.

If its a cyst you might have to go to the doctor and have it lanced. Don't squeeze it. Try some warm compresses. Sometime Hot tea bags will draw them out, or go to the drug store and get some drawing suave.

Figures right before pictures, just do a side view!!!! hahahaha

Apply heat to it tonight. Then put toothpaste on it afterwards. Tomorrow go to the drug store and ask for Ichthammol Ointment. you will have to put the ointment on and then apply a bandaid. then continue to apply warm heat.
On the day of pictures you could buy some foundation in the makeup department and just put like a tiny drop(if you are a guy) it hides it well. just make sure you use a mirror in the sunlight so that you don't have smears of foundation visible. no one will ever know you did this I sware!!!!

apply wet hot towels to it till it comes to a head and drain,apply makeup over it for pictures,clean with peroxide

don't squeeze it or play with it. try salycilic acid -found in the drugstore.
you may need to visit a dermatologist or urgent care. if it doesn't heal in a few days with the above remedy, seek medical care as it may need more treatment.


Stop being a wusy and pop it.

rub it all over with alcohol. then use an xacto knife or a gem blade to cut it open then take a plastic twister drink straw to suck out the pus. apply more alcohol and keep repeating for a couple of days until it drys up and you don't have to suck any more pus. works good and you don't have to ask you buddy to suck it out.

How to get rid of a cyst/boil-like pimple on my cheek?

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