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How to deal with girlfriends ex hookups?

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i'm not sure about anyone else, but it really really gets to me when i think about guys my girlfriend has done stuff with (anything from making out to right below sex). If i see pictures of them or just think about it my blood boils. is that just me? is there anything i can really do to make myself not so uptight about it?

My boyfriend is extremely annoyed because I was with a boy for 2 years and did everything possible out there with him. And hooked up with a guy when I was single(one of his friends), and went out with my bf's best friend about a year ago and made-out with him and he fingered me. he gets soooo upset at it, but now he just said "me and you are making a fresh start as if we've never done anything" and he got over it kinda. just focus on giving her more pleasure, don't bother wasting your time thinking about other guys, that pisses girls off badly. My boyfriend was also a virgin though…

Nothing in the her past matters as long as it was before you were in the picture. just like nothing in your past should matter to her. Jealousy is an ugly thing that will make you lose her for sure. Instead of being jealous of her previous relationships just be happy that you are the guy that she chose to be with, that should mean a lot to you.

How to deal with girlfriends ex hookups?

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