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How is it possible to boil 1 meter long spaghetti ???

1309251882 38 How is it possible to boil 1 meter long spaghetti ???

I'm fascinated by the length of spaghetti on my plate so I bought as I measured 1 meter long Italian tricolore sphagettoni folded in two to make them fit better. Still they are very long and only about 1/6 fits into the kettle. so I was thinking if so long spaghetti exist, there must be a way to boil them. I pictured a slim and especially high kettle. do they exist ? Or how are you supposed top handle them without breaking ??

Stand on a ladder and slowly lower the spaghetti into a pot of boiling water, so that it folds in the pot as it starts to cook. You have to do that for each strand.

As spaghetti cooks it softens and eventually collapses so it doesn't matter how high a pot/kettle you use to cook it. the moment the bottom half (covered in water) cooks it will soften and the spaghetti will eventually sink into the pot.

What I do is get a big pot, place the spaghetti so somes in and the other ends sticking out, then as the spaghetti begins to soften I just collapse it down and round into the rest of the water, Spaghetti in one length ! but you know I bet you can get those kettle for the length of your spaghetti I've seen them on the shopping channels.

why don't you score your spaghetti into sections and see if it will bend but not break then it will cook evenly !!

Maybe it was fresh pasta.. never hardened. so it would always be soft.
Just plop it into the kettle.

You're supposed to place the lower part of the spaghetti in to the pan until it softens and then ease the rest of it in to the pan as and when it softens. It is a rather slow process.

long oval pot, apparently you do get kettle pots.

Have you tried boiling them in the bath?

How is it possible to boil 1 meter long spaghetti ???

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