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How do you treat boils?

 How do you treat boils?

I have a friend who is in his 60's who have 7 of them, like on the back of is leg.

just pop them and rub some peroxide on them

well ive never had a boil so i dont know for sure. but isnt there that stuff that freezes them. i forget what its called. but im sure you can find it at your nearest drugstore. hope i helped(:

Hope this can answer you question

There are "drawing ointments," usually containing coal tar, available over the counter. ask the pharmacist.

Keep skin clean and exfoliated.
Using an antibacterial soap helps reduce bacteria in the skin
Apply a hot compress

Boils are infections and occur when our immune system is not working well.try to detox your body since this is the root of the problem.Apply compresses of chamomile tea,dandelion or a hot black tea bag on the boil will make it drain.
A compress of castor oil,warm, or a lemon slice heated in the oven will help a lot.

If he see's a doctor, he can get them surgical removed.

we eat lot of sweets and junk food and not bothered to balance our blood count. it is recommended that we take one cup juice of bitter gourd once a week. it not only purifies blood, it tones up the entire system.
for a person who is having boils he can take every day for one week

How do you treat boils?

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