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How do you treat a boil without going to the Dr?

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I have a boil under my arm (armpit) & don't want to go to the Dr. is there anything I can do at home?

I had mistaken mine for a spider bite and the doctor told me that it was just a boil. he wanted to pop it in his office but I didn't have the money or the time to keep going back to fix the dressings so this is what he told me to do. Soak every night for 25 minutes with hot water. As hot as I could stand it. Then put some Ichthammol Ointment all over it. I'm pretty sure you can get it OTC at Wal-Mart, make sure to buy some gauze and tape (the cloth tape used for wounds), band-aids don't work as well and the tape won't hurt as much when you take it off. when it finally comes to a white head you can pop it but continue to put the gauze and tar solution until it's completely gone, the boil will continue to leak until it's all gone. when squeezing the pus out make sure to get out as much as possible, if anything is left behind the boil will come back or lead to a REALLY bad infection that can put you in the hospital. It's going to hurt really bad squeezing it, I had to have someone else squeeze it for me, if you need to do that make sure they wear gloves and keep everything clean or throw everything away quickly since boils can spread easily.

Apply moist heat, as hot as you can stand, as often as you can stand. Heat will encourage it to drain all by itself, and it will heal much faster it you do that. until it heals, keep it covered with a bandage. With heat, it should form a head and drain in a couple days. when it begins to drain, a little gentle pressure will usually help it drain faster- but keep in mind gentle is the key word- and it will be painful to touch. Once it begins to drain, continue to apply heat with a clean cloth and apply an antibiotic ointment, and keep it bandaged. use an antibacterial soap in the shower, and only touch the spot with fresh washed hands. Wash them with soap afterwards, before you touch other skin- or you can spread the infection. if it doesn't drain itself in a few days, then a trip to the doctor may be needed to have it incised and drained by the doctor. usually though heat will do the trick. Avoid the potions and home remedies, as those can make matters worse. Don't poke or prod it, don't squeeze it. that can rupture the thing beneath the skin surface, spread the mess around and just make things worse. Not to mention, make more of them. Just apply heat and wait it out.

hot packs,,,,,place a wet cloth in a plastic bag and microwave til it is hot,,,,,30 sec at a time,,,,wrap in another cloth and place on the boil might have to do it a couple of times over a day or so,,,,will come to a head and pop,,,,,watch for red streaks,,,,if this occurrs,,,go to a DR RIGHT AWAY after popping, and core comes out,,,Antibiotic ointment and a bandaid to absorb any drainage. But do watch for streaking,,,,you may need oral antibiotics….

How do you treat a boil without going to the Dr?

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