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How do you make boils go away?

1305551296 94 How do you make boils go away?

My son is 12 and in the past 2 months he has had 2 boils he has another one now on his upper thigh. it is so red and tender to the touch. it has fever in it. please can anyone tell me why he keep's getting them and how to stop them and how to cure the one he has. Thank you.

could be a staph infection he probably needs antibiotics to kill the bacteria

Boils can be caused by viruses. Take him to the doctor and he can put him on an a course of antibiotics. I had them off and on as a child myself so I know what he's going through.

i agree it is probably a staph infection most likely mrsa. mrsa has become somewhat of a "quiet" epidemic caused by overuse of antibiotics and drug resistant viruses. unfortunately the hospital i work at has been seeing more and more of this every year. we have also found that once you have had one, you are more than likely to have another one at some point in your life. staph can enter the skin through small cuts or scrapes. get him to the doctor so it can be drained and make sure you and everyone else in your household are excellent handwashers because it is common for more than one person in the house to get it if handwashing isn't followed.

How do you make boils go away?

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