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How do I get rid of this skin condition? Skin rash, itchy blisters/boils, lasts 3-4days becomes hard scales.?

 How do I get rid  of this skin condition? Skin rash, itchy blisters/boils, lasts 3 4days becomes hard scales.?

This condition is on both feet ankle area. First noticed after using college football kit ie socks and boots. Dorment in cold weather and very active in hot weather. When you prick the blisters, a sticky fluid comes out and it is painful.

You may have a fungal infection causing the condition to continue to recur. Check out some articles and products to help you on this great informational website called if this doesn't clear up soon, check with a local podiatrist for some help to clear up the area.

It sounds like a fungal infection like athlete's foot which is easily treated, but I would suggest a visit to your local G.P to confirm diagnosis. in the meantime, washing your feet several times a day is recommended. there are several creams and foot powders on the market which will help to contain the problem and offer relief. Sweat is the main contribitutory factor here, so common sense tells you to wear open shoes when possible avoiding heavy footwear including socks. if socks are necessary, cotton is best as it will allow the feet to breathe.

You are potentialy heading for hospitalisation or death.

Now that i have your attention…listen up sport.

You have a bacterial infection, which if not treated by a doctor could turn into a virul infection ad result in cellulosis which is blood poisioning.

The poison is like the venom of a snake…you could die from low blood pressure bottoming down to the floor.

Treatment: Wear cotton socks..and sandals… stay away from soap…you need "Fusibet cream" and probably a coarse of anti-biotics…

The heat and lack of circulation in your boots created a hot bed for the bug…GET RID OF THEM….

Go to the Doctor or your in for a very unpleasent trip!

It sounds like eczema. you need to get treatment from a dermatologist.

sounds like a form of athletes foot. you need to get treatment.

Either you need to speak to a foot doctor or you're turning into a horrible fish person!

You should really go see a doctor. if you take advice from a bunch of strangers (largely bored teenagers and self-proclaimed experts), who knows what you'll end up with.

It is probably a form of eczema as it is on an area prone to sweating. you really need to get it checked out and properly diagnosed as it will not just go away.
All the best !

I am an alternative medicinal therapist and an ex nurse and it sounds like athletes foot, you can get medication at the chemists. if it spreads then it could be scabies. i would let your Dr check it out before treating it yourself both conditions are highly contagious. OR it could just be excessive sweating, this causes a fungal infection as well. Try tea tree oil in a foot bath twice a day, it won't hurt any other conditions that I've mentioned.


Consult a Dermatologist. you appear to be suffering from fungus

How do I get rid of this skin condition? Skin rash, itchy blisters/boils, lasts 3-4days becomes hard scales.?

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