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How can i get rid of Boil's?

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what can i do to get rid of them i get them every where. and i have used boil ease but it does bring them to a head and pops them on its own but never goes away. i keep getting them in the same spot. what can i do? some one please help me if you have had them. i have also had them cut open before but they still came back

See the link at the Merck Manual:…

Additional suggestions:

Do not apply alcohol on an open lesion, the pain is your body telling you that you are damaging tissues.

You can mix Epson Salt (see directions on box) with warm water to make a better hot compress that will draw out the abcess material.

Try to avoid reinfection:

Wash your hands after touching doors, walls and other things that can be sources of staph bacteria. High Schools are great sources of boil making staph bacteria.

Using protective goggles, mix a cup of bleach in your laundry water for the white sheets and white pillowcases. cold water is ok, it keeps the bleach (chlorine) from escaping in the air.

Sterilize the white towels and white wash cloths, use fresh esch time.

Change your sheets and pillow cases often, and sterilze each time to cut down on reinfection.

You cannot use bleach on colored clothes as it runs the dye, so plan on using white towels, pillow cases, sheets, ect.

How can i get rid of Boil's?

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