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How can i get rid of a boil at home?

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i have a boil that is really painful, it hurts to sit down or walk, and i had to take my prescription nsaid or antiinflammatory. this is the most painful day. should i just go ahead and poke it/ i don't think i will be able to see a doctor unitl monday.

at the drug store buy a product called boil ease it looks like tar but draws the boil to the surface where you can squeze it out

poke it.. and then squeeze it until it all comes out… i know it hurts believe me…

I had a health/science teacher in 8th grade (about 35 years ago) who said a buddy of his used to take a small piece of paper, wad it up, and jam it into a Coke bottle. then he'd put a lit match into the bottle, then jam the top of the bottle up against the skin, over top of the boil. As the paper burns, it decreases the volume of gas in the bottle, lowering the pressure inside the bottle and creating a vacuum. the boil gets sucked into the bottle. Sounds fairly gross, and I never had reason to try it, but he swore it worked wonders.

you should get a washcloth wet with very hot water, but not boiling hot water. then place the washcloth on the boil and let it sit their until it cools, get it hot again and let it sit until cool again. once it is very warm it will be easier to lance it. once it is soft, use a steralized needle and have the washcloth handy as some gross stuff might come out when you poke it. then squeeze it gently and once it is done use peroxide, it is gonna hurt, but it will work

you need to be a bit careful with this one. a boil is basically an area of infection under the skin. i'm assuming from the fact that you are having trouble walking and sitting that it is on your bum. sometimes these boils can be a bit more serious and are called perianal abcesses. these should not be squeezed as the infection could become worse. they need a course of antibiotics and sometimes further surgical intervention. keep taking the painkillers but also keep an eye on your temperature and see a doctor if it is raised. if not, i would still see your gp on monday if it is not improved

How can i get rid of a boil at home?

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