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The government has collected specimen of a herbal ‘medicine’ being dispensed by Tabore-based faith healer Margreth Nestory Mutalemwa (40) for laboratory analysis to establish whether it is not harmul to human health.

Tabora regional commissioner Abeid Mwinyimsa said medical experts and pharmacists have to scrutinize the concoction to see if it is not harmful to human beings.

He said apart from medical investigation, there are other things to consider including ensuring hygienic measures as the medicine continues to be dispensed to the people.

He said the government will support the faith healer by providing her with pots and cups in order to enable her serve throngs of people going to her for treatment.

Currently, the lady has been serving up to 400 people a day and the number of people has been going up following an influx from neighbouring regions.

The government has decided to improve the road going to her house so it may be passable.

Speaking to a delegation that visited her house, Mutalemwa said the medicine that she provides cures all diseases, including chronic ones, adding that she prays first before dispensing the medicine.

She told them that she picks leaves of a tree that she did not name, boils them and then dispenses a cupful of the mixture in order to cure the various diseases.

On security, she said she was cooperating with the street leadership, including the local councillor, Zinduna Abdallah, and that together they had formed a squad that takes care of security matters in the area, especially for people going for her medicine.

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