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Home remedy for a boil?

 Home remedy for a boil?

have a boil and dont want to go to er any help?

Get some warmth on it. this will help it come to head and it will pop, on its own, or with a little help from you.
I had one, and I took some rice, and put it in a old sock…and heated it up in the microwave. this is a homemade, heating pad. Alot of people make them at arts and crafts and sale them.
But anyway…if you can heat something up, and apply heat to it..and keep it on it as long as you can stand it..
Heat will help it be ready to pop. once it pops, keep, some antibiotic ointment or peroxide on it, to keep it from getting infected.

Hope this helps…

try putting a warm compress on it to bring it to a head. also you can try to use a potato, cut it into a thin slice and bandage it onto your boil. it will draw it out. also there is an otc treatment that most drug stores carry. Icthammol ointment (sp?) formaly called black salve in the olden days.good luck, i know it hurts.

well uh i don't think this requires an ER visit at all. just see your pharmacist about special cream for it, rub gently then once the cream soaks in soak the boil in hot water, or try a very hot washcloth, and i mean as hot as you can stand.

Try taking a bath in as hottest water you can stand, with espence salt.(I spelled it wrong) usually that will draw it to a head, and make it burst.

press a gumamela flower until it juices, apply it on the wound

Home remedy for a boil?

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