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Get Gwyn’s Designer Wardrobe On A Budget!

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If only we could all live in Gwyneth Paltrow’s perfect world. Multi-millionaire movie star with the body of a supermodel and a fairytale family life, the 38-year-old actress has it all – and don’t we know it. Showcased to the world on her self-indulgent Goop website, where every aspect of Gwyneth’s idyllic lifestyle is dissected and displayed in detail for all to see, the most recent glimpse into her flawless existence may well have been her most spectacularly deluded.

Despite being in the midst of the most devastating global recession in modern history, Gwyneth’s latest Goop upload proves that she is totally out of touch with reality. Collaborating with luxurious online boutique Net-A-Porter to show off her fashion savvy, Gwyneth presented her ‘Essential Spring Wardrobe’ – a no-holds barred style spend-fest, totalling a whopping Dhs66,000.

Comprising of six new season looks from a variety of top end designers, Gwyneth revealed the ‘basics’ required by her readers to nail the hottest summer trends, including everything from a Dhs2,655 tank dress from fashion designer bestie Stella McCartney to a Dhs6,745 Silk draped jacket by Chloe.

With a ‘helpful’ link at the bottom of the page to direct readers to the online boutique where they can shop the look, Gwyneth reveals her fashion feature has been compiled “In honour of a friend who asked that we make the clothing ideas easier to purchase.”

We’re guessing the ‘Friend’ in question lives a similarly charmed life to Gwyneth, with the same kind of budget most people would reserve for treating themselves to a brand new car – or two.

But for those of you who don’t live in blissful financial ignorance with Gwynnie on Planet Paltrow, where dropping a month’s wages on an outfit to hit the supermarket in is a normal thing, but do rather like her summer style suggestions, fear not.

Turns out it’s more than possible to bag Gwyneth’s smoking new season chic without boasting a superstar budget. so move over Gwyneth – because Star Style’s crack team of high street shopping gurus are here to put you firmly in your fashion place!

Life on Planet PaltrowHaving previously annoyed normal women  everywhere with her various Goop posts on how demanding her day is (feeding lemon flaxseed oil to her kids before the school run, spending three hours with her personal trainer, bemoaning the fact she has so many successful business projects on the boil – sigh), Gwyneth is unlikely to garner herself any more fans with her ‘helpful’ millionairess style suggestions.

Famous for living the most impossibly complicated life, with macrobiotic diets, NASA worthy yoga machines and freaky beauty treatments as the norm, Gwyneth’s fashion sensibilities are equally as far removed from reality as you can get. And while no-one is questioning her dress sense – frequently featured on best dressed lists, Gwyneth always looks impeccable – is she really qualified to give fashion advice to real women? I think not!

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