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GE fever.. Everything boils down to today. « Wicked Raven

 GE fever.. Everything boils down to today.  « Wicked Raven

Yeah, once again I am gonna be sharing my opinions regarding the General Elections ( or politics, for the matter ) . I guess the GE fever has struck me for the past few weeks.. @_@. every rally, every debate is going down to the wire today, 7th may 2011. Will the next 5 years for Singapore be for the better or for the worse ? Let’s hope it is the latter.

I realised that the PAP has been shooting itself in the leg quite a few times recently.. Guess it didn’t do a background check or whatnot before making their comments or speeches ? below are some examples =/ .

A few days back, mrs Lim Hwee Hua, a PAP Minister, has accused Mr Low Thia Khiang of not managing the funds for his Hougang constituency in an efficient manner. She cited the incident of the seven HUDC blocks located in Hougang Avenue 7 that were awaiting privatization. Residents had voted strongly for privatisation in February this year. “mrs Lim said that the privatisation exercise has hit a stonewall due to Hougang’s Town Council’s silence about its accounts, and that some residents have resorted to sending a lawyer’s letter to the town council asking for details of its accounts, especially its sinking fund.” (

Mrs Lim definitely has every right to bombard Mr Low on the slow response of the Town Council etc.. however, what she conveniently forgot is that PAP managed Town Councils had in fact lost a great deal of money during the Lehmann saga a few months back. until now, PAP has kept silent over the loss of money due to the toxic investments in Lehmann Brothers. by raising an issue related to the Town Council, she may have inadvertently reminded people of the losses PAP managed town councils has incurred .. Uh-oh.

Secondly, I heard snippets of one of Mr Mah Bow Tan’s rally speeches in which he stated something like ” the Opposition focuses on houses only , while we focus on building communities and a sense of neighbourliness … ” LOL. Without a house, there is no need to talk about fostering better communal ties. Housing is so expensive in the recent years and our dear Minister of National Development ( Mr Mah ) failed to adequately address this issue in the many years he has been in Parliament.

One of Mr George Yeo’s final measures to persuade voters to vote for him has him promising that he will ” change PAP from within “.  I am rather skeptical as to how is he going to be able to do that.. He has been with the PAP for so many years and it is only now he decided to change something ? oO. although I think he really means it, I feel it may be a one-man crusade against the rest of his party ><. furthermore, PM Lee has a kinda dominating personality which I will explain below. I don’t see how will he listen to advice from his own party members, which includes Mr George Yeo.

PM Lee has been pretty quick in rebutting/countering media comments from his own party members which he deems as not acceptable. For instance, Mr Wong Kan Seng has mentioned that he may retire 2 years from now. the very next day, PM Lee gave a media statement saying that it is HE, who decides who gets to retire, not the ministers themselves. Hmm..

SM Goh has also stated something about implementing a law that ensures that MP’s have a maximum term of 2 years. PM Lee has also been rather efficient in countering this the next day ?

Mr Lim Swee say has also commented that he is actually against the idea of having casinos in Singapore and he should have fought harder during Parliamentary debates that time.. He actually teared a little on television too when the media was asking him about this issue. Soonafter, PM Lee stated that what Mr Lim said wasn’t the party views etc etc.. ( I kinda forgot what the PM said for this incident )

Lastly, the PAP stated that if we voters choose not to vote the George Yeo’s team in Aljunied GRC, we will be losing the possible future House Speaker and more importantly, George Yeo as a Foreign Minister. this goes to show the PAP thinks that Ministers are “indispensable”. no doubt, I feel that George Yeo has done a very excellent job as a Foreign Minister, but it isn’t right for the PAP to portray him as” indispensable.” nobody is indispensable in politics.

GE fever.. Everything boils down to today. « Wicked Raven

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