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furuncle-boils-causes-pictures-acne keloidalis-deep folliculitis barbae

1302655521 21 furuncle boils causes pictures acne keloidalis deep folliculitis barbae

furuncle-boils-causes-pictures-acne keloidalis-deep folliculitis

barbae,  other types of bacterial skin diseases. it is called  deep

folliculitis and caused by staphylococcal infection. it has some types and

these types can be listed with the most common one as folliculitis barbe,

acne keloidalis, boils.

1-acne keloidalis (acne keloid)

This is one of the deep folliculitis. it is keloid- like papules

It is found on:

2- posterior neck (back of the neck)

The problem begins with folliculitis then converts to something like keloid

and it is sometimes painful with bad cosmetic feeling.

Symptoms of acne keloid

4-keloid like lesion

1302655521 41 furuncle boils causes pictures acne keloidalis deep folliculitis barbae


It may deal with this skin problem like acne treatment

2- cortisone injection

3-oral antibiotics like clindamycine, doxycyclines

4-may surgical in some cases

* early diagnosis and treatment is important

2- Boils and furuncle:furuncle boils causes:

This is another type of deep folliculitis as staphylococcal skin infection

It is coming with inflammatory nodule with pus


2-itching in some case

somestimes it is painful boils specially when exposure more to sun

biols places in your body:

1- boils on neck (behind it)

2- boils on buttock

3- boils under chin (or beard)

4- boils on ear on near it

they are the same ones bacterial infection caused by staph and full of pus

factors make boils worse:

1- sun exposure as sun make you get more sweat and irritation of the boil

2- try to sqeeze it or playing in it

3- trying to remove it by urself if it is small ( this is really wrong)

furuncle (boils) picture:

in the next picture you can see an example of boil on skin and red in color,

inflammed, little pus in it

1302655521 67 furuncle boils causes pictures acne keloidalis deep folliculitis barbae

Treatment of boils and furuncles

1-topical antibiotic cream

2-oral antibiotic tablets in most cases is needed

3- surgical in some cases to empty the pus in it


is very good with systemic antibiotic treatment  and some cases needs

surgical for pus

3-folliculitis barbe

The most common third deep folliculitis

Staphylococcal skin infection

Inflamed red pustules and papules of the follicules on beard as it is the most

common place of this problem

Treated as any bacterial skin disease with topical and oral antibiotics

furuncle-boils-causes-pictures-acne keloidalis-deep folliculitis barbae

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