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Do you think Obama is going to get shot?

1303317917 12 Do you think Obama is going to get shot?

Don't get me wrong, I like the guy and I'm happy for the change. I just fear for his life. I can picture a bunch of redneck Americans boiling with anger that their president is black and plotting to kill him. am I totally off my rocker here?

No, he has a full proof security and there is noo threat to his life. he has been elected by the masses who themselves wanted a change.But he does have a threat from non americans such as the Pakistanis or the Talibanis, who have started issuing serious warnings to Obama on his very 1st day at Office. I suggest America should join hands with India and first kick the Pakistani terrorist camps & then jointly attack the talibanis. they surely would have to do it one ay as Pakistan can never ever be relied upon.

maybe i am not sure this kinda sounds disgusting but some
Caucasian people think we shouldn't have a black male president that's why so many police were there…..i was there myself(at the inauguration)
its just upsetting what the world has come to isn't it???

Maybe just a little off. the people your speaking of aren't so much the threat, too unorganized. It's the lone wolf who has been pushed to the brink… that's who scares those with the power.

Try picturing 12 secret service agents putting 12 bullets each into the person that tries.

No, I don't think that's going to happen. at least I hope not.

No. did you see his limousine?

yeh ur kinde may happn..but very less chnces..cos hes got too mny protections

Do you think Obama is going to get shot?

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