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Did I treat my boil properly?

1304831305 93 Did I treat my boil properly?

About a weekago, i noticed a skin boil forming right beside my vagina, and it started really tiny then 5 days later ( today ) it got as big as half the size of a dime.
I finally saw a 'head' forming (a white dot; which is pus) and so I knew it was time to get that puss out.
I researched hours and hours and watched several youtube videos on how to treat it;
for 1.) put a heated washcloth around the boil then useing your two (clean) fingers, put pressure against it so that the puss is able to come to the surface and drip out.

My pus's color was yellow – which i believe is normal.
and no blood came out either-phew!

After I got all the puss to come out, the boil still had a 'bump/zit'-like look to it.
I applied polysporin on a bandaid, and then put it over my boil, after the 'operation'.

Did I miss any steps, or am I good to go?
putting the polysporin right on the boil – is that good, or no?

is this a joke?

Did I treat my boil properly?

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