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Could We Be Friends? [[Pictures]]?

 Could We Be Friends? [[Pictures]]?

Could we be friends?
I love:
Crawfish Boils.'Gone With the Wind'.Fishin.
Mudfights.Trucks.Have a Ford[F150 blue].C.S.A.[Confederate States of America].
Football.Rollercoasters.Laughin.Takin pictures.Campin.BassProShops.
Cabellas.Boatin. Bein
LOUD.Havin FUN. Livin it UP.
GuitarHero!.French Quarter.
Central Grocery.Playin in the Swamp.
FORD.Beef Jerky.Cowboys.Animals.
Cowboy hats.Horses.Being outdoors.
FAMILY& Orleans.
BlueCollarTV.Country&Rock Music.

And this is ME:

it actually depends on what kind of personality you have… not your interest or how you look like

We could if you were 10 yrs. older and i was 10 yrs. younger.

you lost me at lsu

probably not. lol.

Dude I think we could def get together.

sure look like you all get along great

We definitely could have been friends back when I was your age.enjoyed a lot of the same things,only Jersey style! Have a good one!

Could We Be Friends? [[Pictures]]?

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