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Cooking hotdogs in a crockpot?

 Cooking hotdogs in a crockpot?

Question by Chris2: Cooking hotdogs in a crockpot?We’re having a party and I’m planning on cooking the hotdogs in the crockpot so they can always be warm for whenever someone wants to eat (there’s other food of course, but thought the kids would appreciate this the most). I would assume I should put water in to cook them just as I would on the stove. Anyone have a suggestion of how long the hotdogs should be “stewing” in the crockpot to make sure they’re warmed all the way through?


Answer by suzdav68I have never done it this way before but it sounds like a good idea. Maybe you should put the water in the pot first and let it heat up. then heat your dogs in the microwave before putting them in the crock pot. I like this idea. they should stay warm for the whole party. Set it on low or for the longest time you can.

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Cooking hotdogs in a crockpot?

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