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Can boiling water start a fire if it boils over onto the burner?

1309338278 52 Can boiling water start a fire if it boils over onto the burner?

My husband and I have a never ending debate on if water will start a fire if it boils over onto the burner. please someone help solve our debate.

Water evaporates at 100°C. the burner can run temperatures of about 250°C (about 500°F). the water would evaporate before any combustion can ever occur. Chemically, water cannot burn unless the hydrogen and oxygen molecules are separated first which will not happen in your case.

Oil, on the other hand can start a fire if it spills over (when deep frying). Oils such as Canola and Olive have flash temperatures of 450°F which will catch fire if they make contact with the burner on a high setting.

The water itself cannot and will not start a fire.

Oil can start a fire.

However if something boils out with the water and sits on the fire or element then it couod cause a fire.

Also the people who said it could put out a flame and then there wiud be gas leaking out are right.

So water itself could not cause a fire, but it could result in a fire.

Hmmmmm….let's see……

First choice of accelerant used by a pyromaniac……..not Water
First choice of fire fighters to extinguish a flame……….Water

At the risk of embarrassing my elementary school chemistry teacher………Hell no it won't start a fire. plus I've been cooking for a living for the last 25 years.

Hmm… that's kinda dumb… what do you put fire off with? WATER!!! it doesn't matter if it's cold or hot, it will put off fire. now if you have oil, that's a different question. Or if you have a gas stove then it puts off the fire but lets the gas out and the smallest spark will blow up your place.

The last time I checked, pure H2O was not a combustible. you may short a burner or trip a breaker but stoves are wired to handle these kind of issues. Steam is NOT smoke as from a fire. now the food or oils in the water might be another story, but still a non-issue IMHO.

hot water will not ignite at any temperature in of itself, but if it carries along some grease or oil when it spills over, than it certainly can. it can be dangerous if you have a gas stove and it extinguishes the flame without your knowledge. that would make lighting a match pretty explosive.

Water cannot start fires, it would be illogical. Water can burn you if it were to hit your skin while at boiling point and can even cause third degree burns but it cannot start a fire. no forest fire has ever been started due to boiling water. Hope this helps.

It may cause the burner to splutter andspread the flame alittle.
If there is something combustible nearby , it mat set fire to that.
Good question, your answers are very varied.

When the pot boils dry, then what happens? Likely a fire.

Since you have a debate going, why not call the non-emergency fire department number and ask them?

Well, no. but if al the water boiled and evaporates and you have something in the water, then yea . . . ^^ =D

i don't think so cuz it's happened to me before. the water just evaporated. if there's oil in the water then yeah, it might burn.

It can disturb the flames or put them out. on some stoves, the gas will continue to pump out even though its not burning. This can be a very dangerous situation

Hello Lissa :
Water … boiling … overflow … burner … fire … NEVER !
There has to be more important issues in your lives.

If there is oil under your element then it could cause a flare up, but water itself won't boil.

well it's water right? last time I checked water cannot start fires

It could yes please be careful

ask your mom….giver' see what happens

Can boiling water start a fire if it boils over onto the burner?

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