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Can Antibiotics be used for the Treatment of Skin Boils?

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Skin boils or abscesses are caused by bacterial infections. Some of them are quite mild and wither away in a few days. Some others may occur due to an underlying, undiagnosed problem. such boils are often accompanied by fever and chills and require a suitable and immediate treatment.

Antibiotics can be used for the treatment of skin boils. However, they are not required in each and every case. This is because the mild boils are usually cured by the body’s own immune system.

In case the boils become painful then the following natural methods can cure them.

1. Heat therapy2. Hot and cold compression3. Herbal poultices4. Home remedies that employ natural substances.

These remedies help in the quick suppuration or ripening of the boil. Once the boils ripen, they become soft and get drained of the pus readily.

In certain cases the boils become as huge as a golf ball. So it is considered prudent to have it lanced by a doctor. Lancing involves the application of local anesthesia, an incision on the boil and its subsequent drainage. the affected part is then disinfected and the boil area is covered with dressing. Since the boils are highly contagious so the doctors usually prescribe antibiotics to prevent the infection from spreading further.

So we find that antibiotics are only required if there are chances of the infection spreading to other parts.moreover, the antibiotics that were considered to be a wonder drug have lost their effectiveness. This is because the staph bacteria that cause the infections have become resistant to certain antibiotics. This particular type of bacterium is termed as methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA.

In order to cure MRSA boils it is the natural antibiotics such as the colloidal silver, olive oil extracts etc that come to rescue of the patients.

Besides this, misuse of antibiotics has also contributed in the development of MRSA. People start taking them without a doctor’s approval at times. Some other do not complete the antibiotic course meant to cure wake of this situation we can conclude that antibiotics should be used only if urgently needed to stop further spread of the infection.

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Can Antibiotics be used for the Treatment of Skin Boils?

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