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Campho Phenique on a Blind Pimple

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Is it ok to put campho phenique on a blind pimple?

A blind pimple is the one that does not have a pointed head like the usual pimples do. it tends to grow internally and makes the skin swell. this leads to a minute lump on the skin.

Before we make any attempt to cure the blind pimple the body tries to defeat the bacteria that cause such pimples with the help of its white blood cells. however, if one has a weak immune system then the body is unable to control the malignant bacteria that may start invading the tissues and reproducing rapidly beneath the skin. If the bacteria become strong then the blind pimples take too long to form a head.

It is at this juncture that various home remedies are employed to make the blind pimple come to a head.Campho phenique is one such effective method that makes the blind pimples drain faster. Campho phenique is a volatile fluid that is obtained from the chemical union of camphor and carbolic acid.

It has a broad range of medicinal uses owing to its following therapeutic properties:

• it is an antiseptic• it is a germicide• it is a parasiticide• it is a local anesthetic and so it can obtund pain.

Owing to its wonderful properties it can be used to control the bacterial infections. when the bacteria get destroyed the boil usually bursts open. A tiny opening is formed through which the infectious pus gets discharged. this not only makes the blind pimple heal completely but it also alleviates the pain and pressure on the skin.

One can use campho phenique by following these simple steps:

• cut a large piece of gauze.• Put some campho phenique on it and apply it on the blind pimple.• Apply a minimal pressure for about 5 minutes.

Depending on the severity of the infection the boil will be ready to suppurate either in a matter of some time or else the gauze can be left overnight.

Although campho phenique is primarily used as a cold sore treatment but whoever uses this remedy for curing a blind pimple is usually on cloud nine.

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