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Buttock boil? – Yahoo! Answers

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Please only professionals answers please please

Im 26 years old, i am very clean, but since i was 20 ive been getting boil infection, around the buttocks. as far as i remember, this one is the worst one ever, it is the size of a baseball and very small white head.. I cant walk, sit, only on bed on my stomach. It has been 3 days now, the thing is i cant see a doctor cause i know they will tell me to drain it! which i can not afford the cost of the op as it costs around $2000 which i dont have, and no insurance as well. as i am a foreign student in a foreign country. Is there anything i can do to speed the process of draining? i will try to provide a picture if any doctor request it in here!

I don't think to many doctors visit here (perhaps a medical student).. it really sounds like you need to head to the ER and get it drained and put on an antibiotic and worry about the $ (cost) later as your health is at risk –

I do not think anything will help it heal well without seeking a doctors help –

The bacteria inside this boil is causing it to swell and needs medical attention.
Apply very clean very hot compresses to the area –
and repeat. each time a new clean compress hoping it drains. the concern is the size and the puss being contagious.. (be cautious for MRSA and or a larger staph infection)…

Buttock boil? – Yahoo! Answers

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