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Bump on belly and 8 months pregnant?

1304643991 23 Bump on belly and 8 months pregnant?

I have very sensitive skin. I just had a yard sale and was in the heat for a very long time. after the first day, I developed a pimple like bump on my upper belly. I thought it was just a heat bump. Then the infection was getting wider every time I popped it to get the pus out. now the infection is about a nickel wide and a very hard hard bump around the head as formed. It is very painful. I got alot alot of pus out but I dont know how to heal it. I put black drawing salve on it every day twice a day but how else can I heal this? could it be a boil?

Sounds like a boil to me. Generally the best way to get a boil to heal is get the core out – the core is usually quite hard and deep. as you're pregnant you may have to go to the doctor to do this.

I know this gets repetitive and annoying, but you really need to see your dr, in this least call them and explain. without a pic. to see it's hard to tell and being 8 months along–it's pretty important to figure these things out!

try putting neosporin on it and a band aid. you probably infected it while picking at it. a little bit of peroxide or rubbing alcohol to clean it out should clean it out too. if it bothers you to much talk to your doctor about it.

You should see your Dr. you don't want an infection to go into your bIood stream, that would be bad for the baby. Try some neosporin or other antibiotic cream. Good luck!

When you said black dot in the middle it made me think…Spider Bite. go get checked out. sounds like the spider bit my sis had on her leg.
good luck

seeing a doctor would be best because they can prescribe you creams for this. also try baking soda and a small amount of water. try to pop it as much as possible and then put this on it. you can also try oatmeal and lemon juice. make sure it is really thick if you try these. these are good for puling infections out. also bee stings. i have dones this many of times. the oatmeal and lemon is also good for breakout on your face also. It just stinks. Try this but still call you doctor. you can never be to careful. Im 8 months also and i call if the smalles things happen. lately it has been contractions. not to small though.

Bump on belly and 8 months pregnant?

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