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how do you get rid of a boil that is very painfull?hurts like hell .

Boils that are round and flat and slightly smaller than a dime-size, with a thick white liquid under the full thinkness of skin and sometimes look like they have been poked in at the center to push in a little dimple are frequently called molluscum contagiosum. Look it up on the web. It frequently is a sexually-transmitted organism. If this something else, you have to ask yourself how fast the spot is expanding. If it was a tiny red bump this morning and the size of a 50 cent piece this evening, it could be a bacteria that you cannot kill and will eventually kill you if you do not take it to the emergency room and get the right antibiotic SOON. That could be MRSA germs…. which are recently appearing a lot in places where sports take place. Find the boil and go to they lymph gland that drains that spot. It will be at an elbow or neck or knee or groin. Is that first lymph node red, hot or swollen? If yes than seek help. If you have had it for a while and are not dead and it is starting to look like a BIG pimple then apply a clean wet cloth, cover that with a sheet of plastic and apply a heating pad for as long as you have time and patience. Do not fall asleep while using a heating pad since you can be burned. the heat will help the pain and will actually kill the germs since they do not tolerate as much as heat as you do. the boil will get smaller aroun and lose its red base but will contain more white matter at the can still go to the doctor to get things to put on it and if he lances it , it will heal faster and hurt less. As a child I had a bunch of boils and people had more of them. they would say, do not push on it. put a finger on each side of it and pull away from evenly on both sides of it to expell contents. when it drains, treat the stuff that comes out like poison since it can cause a boil in another location it touches on your skin and it hangs around on the furniture for a while waiting for another host. good luck.!

Boils ??//? – Yahoo! Answers

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