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Boils on inner thighs?

1304197772 16 Boils on inner thighs?

I have had a boil on my inner thigh since Friday I think. I've been taking the pills and applying the cream my doctor prescribed to me. it stopped releasing pus.

I wanna wear jeans, do you think I should?
And I have dance my dance teacher insists on me wearing tights.
Do you think I should?

just think if you do and it pops it it will get infected and it will be very embarrassing its up to you

I would just make sure that you maybe put a nice bandage over it before you wear jeans and/or tights. Anything could irritate it!! Keep up w/ the medicine and whatnot though…until it heals completley!

Nope, they are healing, so you shuld give them room and not irritate them. Tight jeans could do that, however baggey jeans should be fine.


Boils on inner thighs?

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