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Boils on Inner thighs and lower buttocks?

1303631474 57 Boils on Inner thighs and lower buttocks?

I get boils on my inner thighs and lower buttocks leaving very ugly looking scars with pigmentation, skin looks dented and boils are reoccurring……please help?

change the soap you use to wash your clothes. try Ivory snow. also, only wear cotton shorts.

I agree with the other person. It's hidradenitis supporativa. Here's a good website:

i have this same problem, i also get the lesions in my underarms and under my breasts. shaving can make them worse. use antibacterial soap every day and don't wear tight pants. If we have the same thing, its best to see a dermatologist. he/she can remove the lesions and underlying tissue. sometimes it is necessary to have the skin removed and have skin grafts.

Boils on Inner thighs and lower buttocks?

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