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Boils Natural Remedies – Bid Adieu to Your Skin Infection

1303645967 15 Boils Natural Remedies – Bid Adieu to Your Skin Infection

Boils appear on the human skin as a result of an infection going on beneath the skin. In most of the cases the infection is caused by the bacteria known as staphylococcus.

Boils appear as an outcome of bacterial invasion into the skin. these germs are normally present on the skin or in the nasal passages of human beings. They get an opportunity to slip into the hair follicle through minor abrasions, rashes or cuts on the skin. Once they sneak in they start multiplying and bring about an infection.

The severity of a boil may differ from person to person. In some cases it occurs as a mild infection which gets suppressed very soon by the body’s own defense mechanism. it may complete its life-cycle within a few days and disappear.

On the other hand, the boils become large, painful and complicated in some cases. They can become as big as a golf ball. Boil infection can also spread and affect internal organs and the blood leading to blood poisoning or septicemia.

The large and complicated boils are usually the result of a late treatment.

As the well-know proverb goes that a stitch in time saves nine. so if the boils are not cured in the initial stage, they may get out of control and cause excruciating pain

Boils natural remedy is a safe and time-tested method of curing boils. Natural substances such as the herbs, flowers etc are endowed with therapeutic properties. Some of these natural foods are more powerful than some medicines.

Hence the natural remedy for boils should be used as to treat boils at home.

They are devoid of any side-effects and totally safe too.

The best natural remedies for boils are as follows:

• One of the root causes of boils are presence of toxins in the body. hence attempt should be made to detoxify the body with the healthy food. the bowels should be kept clean by increasing the intake of water and consuming unprocessed and fibrous foods.• Garlic is a power herb and a natural antibiotic agent too. it can be incorporated into one’s diet to avail its benefits. it helps in detoxification of the body and eradicates the boil problem from its roots. it can also be applied topically by crushing it and using the juice as an ointment.• Tea tree oil is multi-purpose oil with many benefits. it is an anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. hence it should be used as an effective remedy to cure boils. it can be applied to the boil area directly with a cotton bud.• the citrus juice present in tomatoes is effective in curing boils. Therefore it is advisable to place a slice of tomato over the boil.• Tea bags should be placed on the boils after being dipped in warm water. this serves the purpose of ripening the boil quickly.• Anti-bacterial soaps should be preferred to scented ones as they help in maintaining hygiene.• Cumin seeds paste can be made by mixing a little amount of water and grinding them. this paste when applied over boils kills the bacteria and accelerates the suppuration in the boils.• Turmeric is quite popular because of its anti-septic properties. it is widely used in herbal skin products. it can be made into a paste by mixing the powder with water. this paste helps in bringing the boils to a head which releases the pus.• Bitter gourd is also helpful in drying up of boils. Its juice not just kills the germs but also has a soothing effect on the inflamed skin.

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Boils Natural Remedies – Bid Adieu to Your Skin Infection

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