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Boils…Lumps on inner thighs when menstruating?

1304442384 18 Boils...Lumps on inner thighs when menstruating?

Why do i get these only when on a period…they are deep under the skin and very sore, not alwaysin the same place and always just one..I'm not even sure what they are, but they go a few days after my period has stopped.

I get those! they are in a more personal area and only around my time of month. hate them!

If you use pads you might be allergic. I had a simular problem to be sore down there. No bumps though. It is worth a change in pads. Also maybe some baby powder would help with rubbing. It could be be because of rubbing and friction.

I should think it is due to the heat caused by the sanitary towel you use and the underwear you use as well. it prevent enough air from getting to those areas to cause all these boils and lumps. so try using a lighter sanitary towel and lighter under wears during this period.
If it does not work try consulting a doctor since it might be due to changes in hormones and other biological functions during this period.

Boils…Lumps on inner thighs when menstruating?

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