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Boils, Carbuncles, & Furuncles

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Boils, carbuncles and furnacles are all skin abscesses. a skin abscess is a formation of pus in a particular skin area of the body. It is a defense mechanism of the body to prevent the expansion of the infection all over the body. Boils are skin abscesses which are characterized by a red swollen lump on the skin. normally, the core of this lump is a pus or a collection of dead skin cells.

Boils are usually painful when you touch it or bump it accidentally. these boils can form into a cluster called the carbuncle. a carbuncle is larger skin abscess. there is typically a fluid coming out of the pus of a carbuncle. It is caused by bacteria called the Staphylococcus. this carbuncle is contagious. It can spread widely onto your skin surface and it may even affect your whole body if not treated immediately. you can even experience fever and fatigue because of this skin abscess.

Boils, carbuncles and furnacles can also appear because of certain health problems and diseases such as diabetes, weak immune system and poor nutrition and hygiene. If you do not treat these health problems and diseases carefully, there are surely going to be complications. these health problems and diseases can be the very cause of having boils, carbuncles and furnacles.

Treating these boils, carbuncles and furnacles may take a while. aside from consulting your doctor for possible medications, you must also practice treatments in your home. First of all, do not prick the core of your boils which is the pus. Pricking your boil can cause further infections. what you do not want to happen here is to turn this boil into a carbuncle.

To treat a boil, you can use warm compresses and apply it to the affected area. doing this can decrease the pain brought by the boil. this is also going to help the pus to come out. After the pus is drained out, you must wash it with an antibacterial soap and apply an ointment. you can ask about the right soap and ointment to use with your doctor.

Removing a Boil

Boils, Carbuncles, & Furuncles

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