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Boils – 4 Ingredients That Help Relieve Painful Boils

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are and make us miserable.  Men and women both can get them.  cause vary from a hair follicle infection to staph bacteria.  Let’s look at what may .

Another name for a boil is a furuncle.  Several boils grouped together are referred to as a carbuncle.  Today, we know the cause is gram-positive staph bacteria.  But people were dealing with carbuncles long before the discovery of microscopic bacteria.

  • Signs, Symptoms and Risk Factors 


They look something like pimples, at least initially.  the area will be red, warm and painful when touched.  the size of the lump can be as small as a pea or as large as a golf ball.

A yellow or white spot may be visible at the center of the lump, but not until the boil is ready to drain and discharge the accumulated pus.  the pain sometimes gets worse before it gets better.

Depending on the severity of the infection, there may be other symptoms, such as fever or swollen glands and fatigue.  Those are the same symptoms you would experience with any kind of infection.  as your immune system kicks into action, the rest of your body feels unwell.

Various risk factors have been identified among people who commonly have folliculitis.  the risk factors include diabetes, obesity and blood disorders.  In those conditions, the body’s immune system is not at peak performance.  so, all kinds of infections are common.

Poor hygiene or lack of cleanliness is sometimes a cause of recurring or frequent boils.  the staph bacteria live on the body, on clothing and on surfaces throughout the home.

  • The Complications


If furuncles are not treated with care, the infection can worsen.  An abscess may form and scarring can occur.  the infection can spread into the bloodstream and create a life threatening situation called sepsis.  if you attempt to squeeze a boil, as you would a pimple, you will increase your risk that the infection will spread into your bloodstream. 

Cellulitis and impetigo are skin conditions that may be complications caused by an untreated furuncle.  if the furuncle is located near the center of your face or near your spine, you should see a doctor.  There is an increased risk of complications in those areas.

  • The Solutions


The boil will not heal until it can drain.  It is sometimes necessary to see a doctor to have the infection drained. 

At home, a cloth soaked in warm salt water will help to encourage draining.  Cool compresses will reduce swelling.  Warm ones will help pain. 

Antibiotics may be prescribed, but the staph infections have developed some resistance to traditional antibiotics. Related Coverage

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 Natural antibacterial remedies are still effective.

My first recommendation for pimples or boils on the face is to use a deep cleansing mask.  A good Deep Cleansing Mask contains the most effective is what you need.

  • Why a Deep Cleansing Mask Will Help


The mask will provide a number of benefits, because of the ingredients it contains. 

1. Kaolin disinfects and encourages draining

2. Shea butter reduces the swelling and helps relieve the pain

3. Active manuka honey helps to kill the bacteria naturally, reducing the risk of complications or more serious infections

4. Allantoin and Cynergy TK have natural anti-inflammatory activity that further reduces swelling and pain


Kaolin is an extract from a special kind of clay.  Shea butter is made from the nuts of the Shea tree.  Manuka honey is a special variety with proven antibacterial activity.  Allantoin is found in plants like sugar beets and comfrey roots, which have been used to relieve carbuncles and other painful conditions for thousands of years.

Cynergy TK is a new ingredient, although it is a naturally occurring protein.  In addition to its anti-inflammatory activity, it helps to speed healing.

You leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes and then rinse it off with cool water.  It is easy to remove and does not cause dryness. 

If you use the mask every two weeks, you will be less likely to experience recurrent boils and pimples on your face.  That is the big benefit.

  • · What you Should do Now

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Boils – 4 Ingredients That Help Relieve Painful Boils

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