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Boiling Point: Let Me Skip It & Quit It

1304313291 55 Boiling Point: Let Me Skip It & Quit ItI’m a fan of home video. the power to watch movies from the comfort of my own couch is brilliant. when DVD came out, I was all over it. Once Blu-ray players stopped requiring you to sacrifice your first born (who I had already promised to Satan in exchange for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Soundtrack Cassette tape), I was all about that too. Still am. Perfect HD picture and perfect HD sound in my own home, sweet. all without the hassle of standing in line at the theater, stepping in sticky substances, and suffering through twenty minutes of commercials before the show starts.

Wait. Scratch that last one. some Blu-rays (and DVDs) insist on trying to force trailers, warnings, and advertisements in your face. In the comfort of your own home, remote in hand, you smash the Menu button, jam the Skip button down a thousand times, only to be greeted with a crappy trailer and the text “That operation is not valid here.”

Suck it, studio, that’s some bull.

I understand why studios might want to lock us into these advertisements and trailers: they want us to buy more of their products, watch more of their movies. get it. Got it. Fuck it. Why can’t I skip it? I mean, odds are pretty good I’ve already seen your movie. I’ve definitely already paid for your disc. Why am I subject to these rules?

All this really does is serve to annoy the viewer. We’re not going to watch your trailers and whatever other bullshit you’ve put on the disc to weed through. Yes, I can’t go to the menu. True I can’t skip it. but most of the time I can still fast forward. I don’t give a damn how many times I have to do it, when you try to force me to watch this crap, I’m going to get that going 100x. I’m not watching it. I’m not reading it. I’m not paying attention to it. I’m just annoyed by it.

Hey, I dig trailers. I like to watch them- when I want to. I don’t appreciate putting in a movie I’ve seen a dozen times, that’s two years old, that has trailers for more two year old movies I’ve already seen. These discs are not timeless. These trailers are not always going to be current. Quit forcing me to go Fast forward all over this shit. Just let me skip them individually or collectively or, preferably, just let me hit menu and pass them all.

You’re gaining nothing by trying to lock me in. We’re not watching. We’re fast forwarding. It’s a useless annoyance, so let’s give it up. Super simple solution here. Let us skip it. Let us go right to the menu. You’re thinking short term, trying to lock us into upcoming trailers, when a year from now, it’s twice as annoying. so eat it, and quit doing it. every time I pop in a disc and find an invalid operation, I hold down the fast forward button and zoom right past my boiling point.

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Boiling Point: Let Me Skip It & Quit It

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