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Boil Remedies

 Boil Remedies

Boil is a deep skin infection caused by a bacterium known as Staphylococcus aureus. it often results in painful, itchy swollen area of the skin characterized by pus formation, dead skin and bacteria.  Boils are often bumpy and are seen around hair follicles on the skin.

There are various ways to treat a boil; from over the counter medication to home remedies, to prescription medication.  OTC medicines like Terrasil can be used to treat a simple boil formation on the skin. make sure that the ointment that you take has ingredients like zinc or silver in it.

Boil remedies at home include applying a tablespoon of turmeric along with little coconut oil. make a thick paste of these two things and apply it evenly on the skin surface.  You can cover the area with a gauge pad and make sure that the concoction does not come out, by securing it with an adhesive tape.

You can also make use of heat therapy to treat the tenderness of the boil. keep a hot pack on the area for about 15 minutes thrice a day.

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In case, the boil is severe and has to be drained, the doctor may lance the boil, and apply gauge to let the boil continue draining.  For a painful boil, or the one that just refuses to go, you may have to see a doctor who will prescribe an antibiotic that can get treat the root cause of the boil you may have to take the medicine for a full 5 to 10 days to comprehensively cure the problem.

Do not attempt to lance the boil on your own or take prescription medicine on your own accord without checking with the doctor. as long as the boil is small and hard, there is no point in draining the boil. However, once the boil becomes soft with a head-like pustule on the top, it can be drained. Pain relief is quite fast due to the draining of the boil.

The boils that form around the hair area, drain on their own, especially if they are small. the larger boils have to be lanced by the doctor as they contain a lot of pus that has to be opened and drained. in fact the reason for pus formation and the softer texture of the boil is due to the white blood cells rushing in the area to self-heal the body.

Antibiotics come into the picture in order to get rid of the bacterial infection that accompanies the boil. if there is infection in the area, the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic as well. make sure that you do not prescription medication on your own as it can cause complications, and follow the advice of your doctor.

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Boil Remedies

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