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Boil on female genitals, safe way to get rid of it?

 Boil on female genitals, safe way to get rid of it?

I'm asking this for a friend, because she doesn't have a yahoo account.

The way she explained it to me is that she has a boil on the lips of her genitals and it started off small and got bigger and now it hurts so bad she can barely walk. She has gotten them before in the past and usually she would ignore them and they would go away but this time it's just getting worse.

She put a drawing salve on it earlier and is limiting her movement to see if the drawing salve works.

Any advice for her?

is she sure its a boil and not a genital wart? i would tell her go see a gynecologist to make sure.

I have had numerous boils before which of course is an ingrown hair. I was a cheerleader so of course I had to at least shave my bikini line. I would just say go to the doctor and instead of them draining it out and it leaving a scar to just ask for anti biotics and get this ointment called "Mupirocin" and put it on there. it works amazing! I still get ingrown hairs everynow and then but when it just starts I put that ointment on there and its gone in a day or two! good Luck! Hope I helped! If the ointment des not work they will have to drain it themselves.

Boil on female genitals, safe way to get rid of it?

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