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Boil in bikini area.. Treatment?

 Boil in bikini area.. Treatment?

I have had a small hard lump on my bikini area for months now.
I noticed a small amount of pus sometimes and squeeze a bit of it out..
If left untouched, it would remain small. it never bothered me. Just looks ugly.. Purpleish I guess..

I thought it was an ingrown hair and stabbed it with a needle to get out all the pus but there was none.. (That was yesterday or the day before)
Today I noticed it was sore and bigger. I stabbed it and it was like a freaking volcano. Soo gross.
Pus and blood. I think it must be a boil?

Treatment, advice?
I don't want to see a GP because I'm poooooor as. ><

i had one over the summer. it got wicked painful! i went to the doctor and all they said to do was put a clean, hot, wash cloth straight on the boil, 3 times a day for 20 mins. (your gunna have to reheat the wash clothin the microwave). keep doin this til the boil pops. mine finally did in the shower, and it was so painful when the whole core came out! frownie Boil in bikini area.. Treatment? and i still have a good scar..i hope this helped! oh u could try putting a hot tea bag on the boil as well..feel better! oh and he also had me buy some little square gauzes and put a good amount of antibacterial cream. change that every morning. simple smile Boil in bikini area.. Treatment?

Don't stick needles in it – you could get it infected and then you will need a doctor! Wash plenty – soak in the bath – the warm water will help the pore to open, release the pus and heal up. Don't shave there. until it has healed try to change underwear as often as possible.

Boil in bikini area.. Treatment?

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